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There is a large segment of the half-truth movement that likes to ignore the most incriminating evidence surrounding the 9/11 attacks. Israel and its dual citizen traitors living in the USA had the means, motive, and opportunity to successfully orchestrate and coverup the false flag event.

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Another Israeli False Flag?

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As we approach the 14th consecutive day of Zionist aggression against its occupied neighbor in Gaza over 400 Palestinian men, women, and children have been slaughtered.  Under the cover of the shoot-down of a Malaysian airliner Israel has sent in ground forces and intensified its aerial barrage to a level not seen since 1967.  That same year Israel attacked an unarmed American naval vessel, the USS Liberty, in a botched attempt to frame their Arab rivals in Egypt.  Israel hates fighting its own battles, and much prefers false flag operations to manipulate its American sponsor into fighting on her behalf.


While the brutal attack on the Liberty killed over 30 Americans, Israel failed to sink the ship and the attempted frame-up was turned into a coverup.  34 years later Israel would again attack its “greatest ally”, demolishing 3 highrise buildings in NY, blowing up the Budget Analysts office in the Pentagon, and murdering nearly 3,000 Americans in the process.  With her Neocon lackeys puppeteering the Bush administration Israel was able to launch the fraudulent “War On Terror”, later achieving her strategic objectives of “removing Saddam from power” and the “rolling back” of Syria.

With aspirations of Balkanizing Iran, conquering all of Palestine, and furthering the Eretz Yisrael project, will the parasite State attack her American host yet again…Or has the world woken up to the Zionist Matrix of Deception?

“It would be best if somebody else started the war..” – Patrick Clawson

From The River To The Sea…

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(God’s gonna cut you down – Performed by Johnny Cash)

Initially I assumed Israel would time their ground invasion portion of the Palestinian genocide in Gaza to coincide with the Final match of the World Cup.  It appears the apartheid, rogue, nuclear armed, terror State has instead chose to step up aggression under the cover of the shoot down of a Malaysia Airlines 777 over the Ukraine.  Whether the shoot down was a false flag to be blamed on Russia in order to push us ever closer to another Rothschild bankster World War remains to be seen; But the timing seems rather convenient for the Zionist regime.

777 shot down


Israel has made it a habit of slaughtering Palestinians when their American sponsor is distracted by other major news stories.  On the day of 9/11, when the Mossad fireworks show in NYC was bringing down 3 highrise buildings, the IDF attacked the West Bank and Gaza, leveling over 100 homes.



Why Israel Created Hamas

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How Israel Helped to Spawn Hamas

“Hamas, to my great regret, is Israel’s creation,” says Mr. Cohen, a Tunisian-born Jew who worked in Gaza for more than two decades. Responsible for religious affairs in the region until 1994, Mr. Cohen watched the Islamist movement take shape, muscle aside secular Palestinian rivals and then morph into what is today Hamas, a militant group that is sworn to Israel’s destruction.”
Ron Paul – Israel Created Hamas

“So we first, indirectly and directly through Israel, helped establish Hamas. Then we have an election where Hamas becomes dominant, then we have to kill them. It just doesn’t make sense. During the 1980s, we were allied with Osama bin Laden and we were contending with the Soviets. It was at that time our CIA thought it was good if we radicalize the Muslim world. So we finance the Madrassas school to radicalize the Muslims in order to compete with the Soviets. There is too much blowback.”
How Israel Helped Create Hamas

“It isn’t the kind of history Israelis like to talk about, or admit, but it’s also undeniable: Hamas is at least partly an intentional creation of Israel that dates back to the 1970s.”
Israel Created Hamas to Avoid Peace

Hamas is a Creation of Mossad

“Thanks to the Mossad, Israel’s “Institute for Intelligence and Special Tasks”, the Hamas was allowed to reinforce its presence in the occupied territories. Meanwhile, Arafat’s Fatah Movement for National Liberation as well as the Palestinian Left were subjected to the most brutal form of repression and intimidation

Let us not forget that it was Israel, which in fact created Hamas. According to Zeev Sternell, historian at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, “Israel thought that it was a smart ploy to push the Islamists against the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO)”.”
Hamas History Tied To Israel

“Israel and Hamas may currently be locked in deadly combat, but, according to several current and former U.S. intelligence officials, beginning in the late 1970s, Tel Aviv gave direct and indirect financial aid to Hamas over a period of years.

Israel “aided Hamas directly — the Israelis wanted to use it as a counterbalance to the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization),” said Tony Cordesman, Middle East analyst for the Center for Strategic Studies.

Israel’s support for Hamas “was a direct attempt to divide and dilute support for a strong, secular PLO by using a competing religious alternative,” said a former senior CIA official.”
Israel’s Dirty Secret: Hamas Was Creation Of Zionist Intriguers!’s-dirty-secret-hamas-was-creation-of-zionist-intriguers/

“In short, behind-the-scenes schemers in Israel saw Hamas in its earliest days as a counter-balance against any Palestinian moves for peace. In other words, as long as Hamas had enough influence, it might prevent the peace process with the “moderate” forces of secular Palestinian statesman Yasser Arafat (leader of Fatah) from going forward.”
It’s a good thing for Israel that Hamas exists

“So both Hamas and Israel share a common interest – that Hamas continue to run the Strip so long as it manages to keep the violent opposition at home at bay. On the face of it, Israel could not have expected a more successful partner for managing the occupation. Because Hamas has the power to determine not only the military agenda but also the political agenda of Israel and the Palestinians.”

I recently reported that the BDS movement had helped force the closure of a major Sodastream store in the UK, and the two year boycott had also resulted in one of Britain’s largest retailers, John Lewis, pulling all Sodastream products from its shelves.


The Israeli company’s main manufacturing facility is located in the Occupied West Bank, and it found itself embroiled in a worldwide controversy for denying over 70,000 Palestinians access to water.


Since last year Sodastream stock has dropped 50%, hitting a 2 year low, and is now facing the prospect of increased competition in the home carbonation market.  Let this be a teachable moment for all Zionist corporations!



Whether the reports come from liberal or conservative “news” outlets is of no consequence when it comes to reporting on the Israel/Gaza conflict.  All western media is owned by Zionist interests, and the shameless pandering to the Rogue, Apartheid State has never  been more apparent.  5 days ago Dianne Sawyer segued into a report about “rockets raining down on Israel today…”, yet neglected to mention that footage of the devastation was not in Israel, but in fact was the result of Israeli missile strikes in Gaza.

Devout Zionist Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News joined in on the deception 2 days after Sawyer’s disgusting display, showing footage of bombed out buildings in Gaza while running the script “Militants fire rockets on Israel as violence escalates”.

These disgustingly deceptive reports neglect to mention that nearly all of the Hamas rockets are intercepted by Israel’s American tax payer funded “Iron Dome”.  Additionally, Hamas relies on largely homemade rockets that are marginally effective even if they do get through the Iron Dome defense.  It should come as no surprise that nearly a week into this latest “conflict” not a single Israeli has lost their life, while in Gaza at least 180 Palestinians have been killed and over 1,100 have been wounded from the incessant barrage of sophisticated missiles.

abc meme

Spielberg’s REAL Hoax

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spielberg meme

More evidenced has surfaced that humanity is descending into an idiocracy of unfathomable stupidity.  Nary an eyebrow was lifted after it was revealed Steven Spielberg’s Academy Award winning documentary, “The Last Days”, was comprised of entirely false testimony from lying witnesses; But after a picture surfaced of the director posing in front of a movie prop, a wildfire of outrage has swept across the internet.


Media Bosses:

20th Century Fox – Sherry Lansing
ABC – Bloomberg and Bodenheimer
A&E – Abbe Raven, David Zagin, Steve Ronson
BBC – Michael Grade, Mark Thompson
CBS – William Paley, Leslie Moonves, Sumner Redstone, Nina Tassler, Nancy Tellum.
CNN – Gerald Levin, Reese Schonfeld
Columbia Pictures – Kaufman
Cox Media -Sandy Schwartz
CWTV – Dawn Tarnofsky
Daily News – Maxwell (Hoch)
Disney – Robert Iger, Paul Lee, Barry Jossen
Discovery Channel – David Zaslav
Dreamworks – Spielberg
Entravision – Mike Rosen, Jeffery Lieberman, Karl Meyer
FOX – Gail Berman, Murdoch, Roger Ailes, Gary Newman, Dana Walden, David Madden
HBO – Eric Kessler, Richard Plepler
Hearst TV – Frank Bennack, Jordan Wertlieb
ION Media – Stephen Appel, Marc Zand
ITV – Murdoch, Grade
Lieberman Broadcasting – Jose and Lenard Lieberman
LIN Media – Scott Blumenfeld, Richard Schmaeling
MBS – Ronnessen
Meredith Local Media – Paul Karpowitz
MGM TV -Bruce Tuchman
NBC – Jeffrey Zucker, Steve Burke, Ted Harbert
News Corp – Peter Chernin
New York Times – Sulzberger
Newport TV – Matt Hupfeld, Jason Gould, Sandy DiPasquale, Craig Millar
Oak Hill Capital Partners – Ted Kuhlman
Paramount Pictures – Bradley Alan Grey
PBS – Paula Kerger, Geoffrey Sands
Post/Newsweek – Alan Frank
Sirius Satelite Radio – Karmazin, Greenstein
Sinclair Broadcasting – Steven Marks, David Amy, Barry Faber
The White House Theatre – Larry Silverstein
Tribune Broadcasting – Sam Zell
Universal Pictures – Stacey Snider
Universal Studios – Ron Meyer
US NEWS – Zuckerman
Walt Disney, Touchstone and Buena Vista Television – Michael Eisner
Warner Brothers – Barry Meyer
Warner Bros. TV – Bruce Rosenblum, Peter Roth, Ken Werner
Warner Co – Martin Davis
WLNY – David Feinblatt
Viacom, Nicelodeon and MTV – Murray Rothstein

Other Media and Communication Industries run by Jews or Zionists:

Computer Industry
Dell Computers, Michael Dell (CEO)
Microsoft, Steve Ballmer (CEO)
Microsoft, Paul Allen (co-founder with Bill Gates)
Oracle, Larry Ellison (CEO)
Apple, Steve Jobs (founder and CEO)
Apple, Steve Wozniak (co-founder)
Andrew Grove (Intel, founder and CEO)
Terry Semel (CEO, Yahoo)
Larry Page (founder, Google)
Sergei Brin (co-founder, Google)

Michael Eisner (Walt Disney)
Gerald M. Levin (CEO, Time Warner)
Harvey Weinstein (CEO, Miramax Films)
Stephen Spielberg (founder, Dreamworks)
Jeffrey Katzenberg (founder, Dreamworks)
David Geffen (founder, Dreamworks)
Sandy Grushow (chair, Fox Entertainment)
Lloyd Braun (chair, ABC Entertainment)
Jordan Levin (president, Warner Bros Entertainment)
Jeffrey Zucker (President of NBC Entertainment)
Howard Stringer (Chief, Sony Corp. of America)
Amy Pascal (Chair, Columbia Pictures)

Brian Roberts (CEO Comcast)
Ivan Seidenberg (CEO Verizon)
Sumner Redstone (CEO Viacom)

Sandy Weill (CEO Citigroup)
Maurice Greenberg (CEO of American International Group, enormous umbrella group for several smaller companies)
Seymour Sternberg (CEO, New York life)
Robert Benmosche (CEO Metlife)
David Komansky (founder and CEO of Merill Lynch)
Harvey Golub (CEO of American Express)
Harry P. Kamen (CEO Metropolitan life Insurance)
Marcus Goldman (founder, Goldman Sachs)

Jamie Dimon (CEO, JP Morgan Chase)

TOTAL Media Domination:

Mortimer Zuckerman – owner of NY Daily News, US News & World Report and chair of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish American Organizations, one of the largest pro-Israel lobbying groups. ✡
Leslie Moonves – president of CBS television, great-nephew of David Ben-Gurion, and co-chair with Norman Ornstein of the Advisory Committee on Public Interest Obligation of Digital TV Producers, appointed by Clinton. ✡
Jonathan Miller – chair and CEO of AOL division of AOL-Time-Warner ✡
Neil Shapiro – president of NBC News ✡
Jeff Gaspin – Executive Vice-President, Programming, NBC ✡
David Westin – president of ABC News ✡
Sumner Redstone – CEO of Viacom, “world’s biggest media giant” (Economist, 11/23/2) owns Viacom cable, CBS and MTVs all over the world, Blockbuster video rentals and Black Entertainment TV. ✡
Michael Eisner – major owner of Walt Disney, Capitol Cities, ABC. ✡
Rupert Murdoch – Owner Fox TV, New York Post, London Times, News of the World (Jewish mother Elisabeth Joy Greene) ✡
Mel Karzamin – president of CBS ✡
Don Hewitt – Exec. Director, 60 Minutes, CBS ✡
Jeff Fager – Exec. Director, 60 Minutes II. CBS ✡
David Poltrack – Executive Vice-President, Research and Planning, CBS ✡
Sandy Krushow – Chair, Fox Entertainment ✡
Lloyd Braun – Chair, ABC Entertainment ✡
Barry Meyer – chair, Warner Bros. ✡
Sherry Lansing – President of Paramount Communications and Chairman of Paramount Pictures’ Motion Picture Group. ✡
Harvey Weinstein – CEO. Miramax Films. ✡
Brad Siegel – President, Turner Entertainment. ✡
Peter Chernin – second in-command at Rupert Murdoch’s News. Corp., owner of Fox TV ✡
Marty Peretz – owner and publisher of the New Republic, which openly identifies itself as pro-Israel. Al Gore credits Marty with being his “mentor.” ✡
Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr. – publisher of the NY Times, the Boston Globe and other publications. ✡
William Safire – syndicated columnist for the NYT. ✡
Tom Friedman – syndicated columnist for the NYT. ✡
Charles Krauthammer – syndicated columnist for the Washington Post. Honored by Honest, website monitoring “anti-Israel media.” ✡
Richard Cohen – syndicated columnist for the Washington Post ✡
Jeff Jacoby – syndicated columnist for the Boston Globe ✡
Norman Ornstein – American Enterprise Inst., regular columnist for USA Today, news analyst for CBS, and co-chair with Leslie Moonves of the Advisory Committee on Public Interest Obligation of Digital TV Producers, appointed by Clinton. ✡
Arie Fleishcer – Dubya’s press secretary. ✡
Stephen Emerson – every media outlet’s first choice as an expert on domestic terrorism. ✡
David Schneiderman – owner of the Village Voice and the New Times network of “alternative weeklies.” ✡
Dennis Leibowitz – head of Act II Partners, a media hedge fund ✡
Kenneth Pollack – for CIA analysts, director of Saban Center for Middle East Policy, writes op-eds in NY Times, New Yorker ✡
Barry Diller – chair of USA Interactive, former owner of Universal Entertainment, CEO of 20th Century Fox and QVC ✡
Kenneth Roth – Executive Director of Human Rights Watch ✡
Richard Leibner – runs the N.S. Bienstock talent agency, which represents 600 news personalities such as Dan Rather, Dianne Sawyer and Bill O’Reilly. ✡
Terry Semel – CEO, Yahoo, former chair, Warner Bros. ✡

Mark Golin – VP and Creative Director, AOL ✡
Warren Lieberford – Pres., Warner Bros. Home Video Div. of AOL- TimeWarner ✡
Jeffrey Zucker – President of NBC Entertainment ✡
Jack Myers – NBC, chief NYT 5.14.2 ✡
Sandy Grushow – chair of Fox Entertainment ✡
Gail Berman – president of Fox Entertainment ✡
Stephen Spielberg – co-founder/owner of Dreamworks ✡
Jeffrey Katzenberg – co-founder/owner of Dreamworks, Disney ✡
David Geffen – co-owner of Dreamworks ✡
Lloyd Braun – chair of ABC Entertainment ✡
Jordan Levin – president of Warner Bros. Entertainment ✡
Max Mutchnick – co-executive producer of NBC’s “Good Morning Miami” ✡
David Kohan – co-executive producer of NBC’s “Good Morning Miami” ✡
Howard Stringer – chief of Sony Corp. of America ✡
Amy Pascal – chair of Columbia Pictures ✡
Joel Klein – chair and CEO of Bertelsmann’s American operations ✡
Robert Stillerman – founder of Clear Channel Communications ✡
Brian Graden – president of MTV entertainment ✡
Ivan Seidenberg – CEO of Verizon Communications ✡
Wolf Blitzer – host of CNN’s Late Edition ✡
Ted Koppel – host of ABC’s Nightline ✡
Andrea Koppel – CNN Reporter ✡
Paula Zahn – CNN Host ✡
Mike Wallace – Host of CBS 60 Minutes ✡
Barbara Walters – Host, ABC’s 20-20 ✡
Michael Ledeen – editor of National Review ✡
Bruce Nussbaum – editorial page editor, Business Week ✡
Donald Graham – Chair and CEO of Newsweek and Washington Post, son of ✡
Catherine Graham Meyer – former owner of the Washington Post ✡
Howard Fineman – Chief Political Columnist, Newsweek ✡
William Kristol – Editor, Weekly Standard, Exec. Director
Project for a New American Century (PNAC) ✡
Ron Rosenthal – Managing Editor, San Francisco Chronicle ✡
Phil Bronstein – Executive Editor, San Francisco Chronicle, ✡
Ron Owens – Talk Show Host, KGO (ABC-Capitol Cities, San Francisco) ✡
John Rothman – Talk Show Host, KGO (ABC-Capitol Cities, San Francisco) ✡
Michael Savage – Talk Show Host, KFSO (ABC-Capitol Cities, San Francisco) Syndicated in 100 markets ✡
Michael Medved – Talk Show Host, on 124 AM stations ✡
Dennis Prager – Talk Show Host, nationally syndicated from LA. Has Israeli flag on his home page. ✡
Ben Wattenberg – Moderator, PBS Think Tank. ✡
Andrew Lack – president of NBC ✡
Daniel Menaker – Executive Director, Harper Collins ✡
David Remnick – Editor, The New Yorker ✡
Nicholas Lehmann – writer, the New York ✡
Henrick Hertzberg – Talk of the Town editor, The New Yorker ✡
Samuel Newhouse Jr. and DONALD NEWHOUSE – owners of Newhouse Publications, includes 26 newspapers in 22 cities; the Conde Nast magazine group, includes The New Yorker; Parade, the Sunday newspaper supplement; American City Business Journals, business newspapers published in more than 30 major cities in America; and interests in cable television programming and cable systems serving 1 million homes. ✡
Donald Newhouse – chairman of the board of directors, Associated Press. ✡
Peter R. Kann – CEO, Wall Street Journal, Barron’s ✡
Ralph J. & Brian Roberts – Owners, Comcast-ATT Cable TV. ✡
Lawrence Kirshbaum – CEO, AOL-Time Warner Book Group ✡
Leonard Goldenson – president of ABC ✡
William S. Paley – Founder And CEO of CBS ✡
David Sarnoff – founder of NBC, general manager of RCA ✡
Laurence Tisch – CEO of CBS ✡
Herbert Allen, Jr. – CEO of entertainment investment house Allen & Company ✡
Edgar Bronfman Jr. – CEO of Seagram, Viacom ✡
Gerald Levin – Time Warner, CEO of HBO ✡
Michael Ovitz – president of Disney, founder of CAA ✡
Isaac Perlmutter – CEO of Marvel Entertainment ✡
Adolph Ochs – New York Times ✡
Morley Safer – 60 Minutes journalist ✡
Scott Simon – “NPR’s Saturday Weekend Edition, broadcast journalist” ✡
Wolf Blitzer – CNN Journalist ✡
Barbara Walters – “The pretentious, self important and respected host of 20/20 and countless softball pitched celebrity specials” ✡
Barry Farber – Radio Talk Show Host ✡
Dennis Prager – Talk show host ✡
Ed Koch – Radio Talk Show Host and ex Mayor of New York City ✡
A.M. Rosenthal – NY Times columnist ✡
Ann Landers – Advice columnist ✡
Michael Kinsley – “Syndicated columnist, who now works for Slate” ✡
Walter Winchell – Entertainment columnist and pioneer of celebrity journalism ✡
William Safire – NY Times Columnist ✡
Jacobo Zabludovsky – Mexico’s equivalent of Dan Rather ✡
Ted Koppel – ABC News caster ✡
Bill Handel – Popular morning talk show host. ✡
Dr. Laura Schlesinger – Has the US’s 2nd most popular talk show. Broadcast internationally. ✡
Dan Abrams – MSNBC Anchor ✡
Marv Albert – Sportscaster ✡
Mel Allen – Radio Sportscaster ✡
Chuck Barris – presenter of Dating Game and Gong Show ✡
Kitty Carlisle – panelist on To Tell the Truth, arts advocate ✡
Connie Chung – news anchor (converted) ✡
Liz Claman – host of CNBC Morning Call ✡
Howard Cosell – sportscaster ✡
Katie Couric – presenter of the Today Show (jewish mother) ✡
Jim Cramer – TV Reporter ✡
Don Francisco – presenter of Sabado Gigante ✡
Allen Funt – presenter of Candid Camera ✡
Ira Glass – presenter of This American Life ✡
Amy Goodman – presenter of Democracy Now ✡
Daryn Kagan – host of CNN Live Today ✡
Larry King – CNN reporter, host of Larry King Live ✡
Ted Koppel – presenter of Nightline ✡
Ricki Lake – presenter of Ricki ✡
Dave Lieberman – presenter of Good Deal with Dave Lieberman ✡
Bill Maher – ex-presenter of Politically Incorrect (Jewish mother, raised Catholic) ✡
Al Michaels – sportscaster ✡
Bill Nye – presenter of Bill Nye, the Science Guy ✡
Maury Povich – talk-show host ✡
Daniel Schorr – tv reporter ✡
Dinah Shore – television host, singer ✡
Richard Simmons – fitness guru, host of Lighten Up with Richard Simmons ✡
Herb Stempel – quiz show contestant ✡
Bill Stern – radio sportscaster ✡
Howard Stern – radio shock jock ✡
Jon Stewart – comedian, presenter of The Daily Show ✡
Carl Bernstein – author and journalist, Watergate reporter ✡
Barbara Ehrenreich – journalist ✡
Charles Flato – American writer, Soviet agent ✡
Pauline & Esther Friedman – advice columnists Dear Abby and Ann Landers ✡
Bernard Goldberg – journalist, author ✡
Jonah Goldberg – commentator ✡
Seymour Hersh – My Lai reporter ✡
Tom Kornheiser – journalist ✡
Samuel Krafsur – TASS journalist, Soviet agent ✡
Paul Krassner – satirist ✡
A. J. Liebling – journalist ✡
Joshua Micah Marshall – political blogger ✡
Shirley Povich – sports columnist ✡
George Seldes – investigative journalist ✡
Gloria Steinem – journalist, feminist activist ✡
I. F. Stone – investigative journalist ✡
Debbie Schlussel – political commentator, talk show host, attorney, NY Post, Jerusalem Post ✡

Hollywood Executives:

Aaron Spelling – Famous TV producer and father of a great ‘No Talent’ also known as Tori Spelling ✡
David Geffen – Entertainment Executive ✡
Jaffrey Katzenberg – “Former Disney Exec, now SKG partner” ✡
Louis B. Mayer – Hollywood Mogul, founder of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer ✡
Michael Eisner – Walt Disney ✡
Peter Grant – British rock and roll manager – best known for the Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin. Also founded Swan Song Records. ✡
Samuel Goldwyn – Hollywood heavy weight ✡
Samuel Z. Arkoff – Founder of American International Pictures ( later Orion ) ✡
Saul Chaplin – Movie Producer and composer. Real name Sol Kaplan morning talk show host. ✡
Harry Cohn – founder of Columbia Pictures ✡
William Fox – founder of Fox Film Corporation ✡
Carl Laemmle – founder of Universal Pictures ✡
Sidney Sheinberg – executive of MCA ✡
Sam Warner – co-founder of Warner Brothers Studios ✡
Lew Wasserman – founder of MCA ✡
Bob Weinstein – Co-founder of Miramax ✡
Harvey Weinstein – Co-founder of Miramax ✡
Adolph Zukor – founder of Paramount Pictures ✡
Irwin Allen – producer & director ✡
Judd Apatow – screenwriter ✡
George Axelrod – screenwriter ✡
David Benioff – screenwriter ✡
Steven Bochco – creator of LA Law, Murder One ✡
Jerry Bruckheimer – producer ✡
Seymore Butts – adult film producer & director ✡
Paddy Chayefsky – screenwriter ✡
Norman Corwin – radio writer, producer ✡
David Crane – screenwriter, producer, co-creator of Friends ✡
Robert Evans – producer, studio executive ✡
William Goetz – producer ✡
Leonard Goldberg – producer ✡
Akiva Goldsman – Oscar-winning screenwriter, producer ✡
Carl Gottlieb – screenwriter ✡
Ben Hecht – screenwriter ✡
Don Hewitt – executive producer of 60 minutes ✡
Lawrence Kasdan – screenwriter and director ✡
Marta Kauffman – producer, screenwriter, co-creator of Friends ✡
Charlie Kaufman – screenwriter ✡
David Kohan – executive producer of Will & Grace, Good Morning Miami, ✡
Twins, Four Kings – screenwriter of The Wonder Years ✡
Ernest Lehman – screenwriter ✡
Max Mutchnick – executive producer of Will & Grace, Good Morning Miami, ✡
Marc Platt – producer ✡
Sydney Pollack – Oscar-winning director ✡
Carl Reiner – comedian, creator of The Dick Van Dyke Show ✡
Leon Schlesinger – producer ✡
Josh Schwartz – screenwriter, creator of The OC ✡
Sherwood Schwartz – creator of Gilligan’s Island, Brady Bunch ✡
David Selznick – producer ✡
Rod Serling – creator of The Twilight Zone ✡
Joel Silver – producer and co-inventor of Ultimate Frisbee ✡
Aaron Sorkin – creator of West Wing ✡
Aaron Spelling – producer, Starsky & Hutch, Charlie’s Angels, Beverly Hills, 90210, Vega$, Family, Dynasty, Melrose Place, Charmed, 7th Heaven, Summerland ✡
Darren Star – creator of Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, Sex and the City ✡
Matt Stone – creator of South Park ✡
Bill Maher – creator and host of “Real Time” ✡
Clive Davis – producer ✡
Ron Field – director ✡
Arthur Hammerstein – producer, director, uncle of Oscar Hammerstein II ✡

The 6 Monolithic Corporations That Control Nearly Everything We Watch, Hear Or Read

The internet stands as the last bastion of opposition to the Zionist Matrix of deceit, hence the push for an end to Net Neutrality and online freedom of speech.

Jewish media article


Mr. Netanyahu you stand accused of the murder of the following Palestinians in Gaza:
Tuesday, July 8:

1. Mohammed Sha’aban, 24, was killed in a bombing of his car in Gaza City.
2. Ahmad Sha’aban, 30, died in the same bombing.
3. Khadir al-Bashiliki, 45, died in the same bombing.
4. Rashad Yaseen, 27, was killed in a bombing of the Nusseirat refugee camp in central Gaza.
5. Riad Mohammed Kawareh, 50, was killed in a bombing of his family’s home in Khan Younis.
6. Seraj Ayad Abed al-A’al, 8, was wounded in the same bombing and succumbed to his injuries on Tuesday evening.
7. Mohammed Ayman Ashour, 15, died in the same bombing.
8. Bakr Mohammed Joudah, 22, died in the same bombing.
9. Ammar Mohammed Joudah, 26, died in the same bombing.
10. Hussein Yousef Kawareh, 13, died in the same bombing.
11. Mohammed Ibrahim Kawareh, 50, died in the same bombing.
12. Bassim Salim Kawareh, 10, died in the same bombing.
13. Mousa Habib, 16, from Gaza City’s al-Shujaiyah neighborhood, was killed along with his 22-year old cousin while the pair were riding a motorcycle.
14. Mohammed Habib, 22, was killed with Mousa Habib.
15. Sakr Aysh al-Ajouri, 22, was killed in an attack on Jabaliyah, in northern Gaza.
16. Ahmad Na’el Mehdi, 16, from Gaza City’s Sheikh Radwan neighborhood, was killed in a bombing that wounded two of his friends.
17. Hafiz Mohammed Hamad, 30, an Islamic Jihad commander, was killed in the bombing of his home in Beit Hanoun, along with five of his family members.
18. Ibrahim Mohammed Hamad, 26, died in the same bombing.
19. Mehdi Mohammed Hamad, 46, died in the same bombing.
20. Fawzia Khalil Hamad, 62, died in the same bombing.
21. Dunia Mehdi Hamad, 16, died in the same bombing.
22. Suha Hamad, 25, died in the same bombing.
23. Suleiman Salman Abu Soaween, 22

Wednesday, July 9:
24. Abdelhadi Jamaat al-Sufi, 24, was killed in a bombing near the Rafah crossing.
25. Naifeh Farjallah, 80, was killed in an airstrike on the town of Moghraqa, southwest of Gaza City.
26. Abdelnasser Abu Kweek, 60, was killed in the bombing of Gaza’s central governorate along with his son.
27. Khaled Abu Kweek, 31, Abdelnasser Abu Kweek’s son, was killed in the same bombing.
28. Amir Areef, 13, died in a bombing in Sha’af.
29. Mohammed Malkiyeh, one and a half years old, died in a bombing along with his mother and a young man.
30. Amniyeh Malkiyeh, 27, Mohammed Malkiyeh’s mother, died in the same bombing.
31. Hatem Abu Salem, 28, died in the same bombing.
32. Mohammed Khaled al-Nimri, 22
33. Sahar Hamdan, 40, died in the bombing of her home in Beit Hanoun.
34. Ibrahim Masri, 14, Sahar Hamdan’s son, was killed in the same bombing.
35. Unknown
36. Sumoud al-Nawasra, a mother, was killed in a bombing along with her two children.
37. Mohammed Khalaf al-Nawasra, 4, arrived at the hospital “in shreds.”
38. Nidal Khalaf al-Nawasra, a child of unreported age, died along with Mohammed and Sumoud.
39. Salah Awwad al-Nawasra, was killed in the same bombing. His body was found under the rubble of the house.
40. Amal Youssef Abdel Ghafour
41. Ranim Jawde Abdel Ghafour, a young girl



More than fifty Palestinians have been killed and another 450 wounded since Monday in Israel’s ongoing assault on the besieged Gaza Strip, dubbed “Operation Protective Edge” by the Israeli army.

As usual, mainstream media outlets are straining to paint Israel as the victim, defending its people against irrational Palestinian rocket fire.

There is no equating the killing and maiming of dozens of innocent Palestinians with scared Israelis seeking shelter from crude rockets that rarely cause damage. But that hasn’t stopped media outlets from trying, and in some cases, outright lying, to distort the violence.

In one stark example, ABC News’ Diane Sawyer misidentifies scenes of the aftermath of Israeli missile strikes in Gaza as destruction caused by Palestinian rocket fire.

As Sawyer segues into the segment, she says, “We take you overseas now to the rockets raining down on Israel today as Israel tried to shoot them out of the sky.” Next to her is video footage not of Israelis or even Israel, but of Israeli airstrikes on Gaza.

Sawyer then incorrectly describes an image of a Palestinian family gathering belongings in the smoking debris of a missile-hit home in Gaza as “an Israeli family trying to salvage what they can.”

Screenshot of ABC News image mislabeled as “an Israeli family trying to salvage what they can.”

Sawyer then describes an image of a Palestinian woman surrounded by destroyed homes as “one woman standing speechless among the ruins,” with the implication that she is Israeli.

Sawyer’s bold misreporting reflects either a deliberate lie by ABC News or willful ignorance so severe that Palestinian death and misery is invisible even when it’s staring ABC producers right in the face.
The segment in its entirety can be seen here.

-Cal Amyotte

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